Off the Shelf (Links Edition): 9/22/2017

What I’ve been reading online this week:

Challenging Minds

Iconic viking warrior was a woman, DNA test confirms ( Oh, you DNA, always spoiling the fun with facts!

Tesla Flips a Switch to Increase the Range of Some Cars in Florida to Help People Evacuate (tech-crunch) Amazing. And more… Tech companies are redefining how we respond to natural disasters—in a good way (Quartz)

Urban Life

Can teacher housing entice educators to work in expensive cities? (Curbed) Amen!

Maybe Cities Are the Future of Suburbs (Bloomberg) One of many stories about how it’s too expensive to live in the Bay area now.


It’s time for retailers to invest in store associates via technology (RetailDive) Why? Because Millennials find store associates ‘extremely important’ (RetailDive)

Millennials Are Finally Forming Households: What It Means For Retailers (Forbes) So it’s important to know that they find store associates ‘extremely important,’ I guess.

So, about our name… ( Oops – you don’t like us coopting your culture?


Hillary Clinton: You Did What You Came Here To Do (Medium) Hallelujah! We need you to let go of 2016 and look forward to helping women break glass ceilings throughout the country now.

On Paper

I was flipping through the October issue of Psychology Today in a waiting room this week. Oh, an article on how your biome can affect your mood – I should list that on my blog’s articles page. Hey, an article on how controlling clutter can improve your well-being and make you more productive and calmer, I should definitely mention that. Wow, effective ways of saying No. I should…

Oh heck, I went out and bought the issue – and then discovered a lot of other interesting articles. Not sure what they’re up to – I don’t remember being intrigued by previous issues. Maybe they have a new editor?

Anyhow… Like!


Squirrel-free week! All my squirrels were chased away by hurricanes, earthquakes, and Trump-quakes.

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