Another Day

Yesterday was glorious. Although it was very cold, the sun shone brightly. I actually left the apartment and walked uptown to the park to meet a friend who I had lost touch with last year. We circumnavigated the Great Lawn, pausing to sit on a bench in the sun and catch up; when the wind grew too brisk, we wandered around the reservoir on the Bridle Path, surprised by cherry blossoms valiantly striving against winter.

After a cold outdoor lunch – she dined in gloves, having wisely ordered fork-food – we returned to the park and wandered some more and discovered the first daffodils of spring. Looking more closely we realized that unbloomed daffodils were coming up all over – next weekend will probably find the park covered in daffodils. Spring is just around the corner.

I walked home, clocking in just under 10 miles for the day. My success yesterday encouraged me to have a light dinner last night and engage in some more exercise this morning.

Small steps.

It was good to have a day like that. I really needed it.

Friday was the end of a stressful week. I spent Saturday holed up in front of the TV as the tail of the lion rained, snowed, blew itself out beyond the windows.

Today I feel tired but indomitable, as I often feel in the mornings. I set my jaw and tell myself that, no matter how challenging the day before, Today I Can Win. Sometimes that feeling lasts an hour, sometimes until lunch, sometimes until 4pm. Sometimes it gets me through the whole day.

Today is Another Day.

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