A New Year’s Gift

Yesterday I was given a gift by two of my yoga buddies: they reached out to me separately to ask if I was okay.

It’s been awhile – November – since I went to yoga, something a year ago I had been doing daily. I had lots of good excuses – I started a new job that required me to travel. I didn’t feel well. I went away for Thanksgiving. I came back from Thanksgiving so full of comfort food that it hurt to move. I slammed my wrist in a car door and couldn’t do Downward Facing Dog. It was cold. It snowed.

Blah blah blah. To quote the greeting card, every journey begins with a single step. So this morning, despite the cold, despite my aches and pains, and last night’s insomnia, I dragged my butt out of bed and went to yoga. And now I’m blogging.

This is not a New Year’s Resolution. My history of resolutions – New Year’s and Otherwise – has done nothing but set unrealistic expectations and feed into my perfectionism.

A colleague shared an inspirational video this week – a guru talking about how life is a jar of marbles – one marble for every month of your projected life span (average 72 years in America). Take out the marbles you’ve already spent and make good use of the marbles you have left. Inspirational, beautiful, and my anxiety shot through the roof.

I liked much better the article about how the Zero In-Box guru gave up writing his book because it was interfering with the time he wanted to spend with his 3-year old. Productivity, the author stated, is overrated. In the U.S. we want to spend our time “productively” – at work and at home. Give yourself a break! This article made me feel much better, put things in perspective, allowed me to finish the day.

So this year, no resolutions.

And I’m going to start posting again. I’m not going to promise consistency – life is too chaotic right now to commit to consistency. I’ve got a few that I had written that I had held back because I was afraid to post them; so they may not always be current. And many of them have nothing to do with Change Management. Too bad.

If you’ve enjoyed in the past, I hope you continue to enjoy in the future. If not, unfollow and move on – life is short and you’ve got better things to do than read things that make you angry.

Happiness, Health, and Peace to you in 2018.

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